HTC Mic Replacement

HTC mic problemIs your HTC microphone not working properly? Do people whom you are calling complain you that your sound distorts or they are unable to listen to you properly throughout a call? Then it requires Mic replacement in your HTC.It is very frustrating if the Mic of your HTC is not working. You will not able to talk on your HTC.

At FixMyGiz, we provide affordablle and quick Ipone Mic replacement services. If you bring your HTC to our service center, we shall change your HTC Mic whilst you wait, typically within 30 minutes.

Get your HTC Mic replaced by Professionals:

  green tickNew Mic for HTC, high quality replacement part

  green tickRepairs in 30 minutes should you bring it to the Store

  green tick24 hours turnaround if we pickup.


Just before we carry on with replacement of the Mic of your HTC we shall test your HTC first to ensure that replacing the Mic will probably fix all of the pertaining issues. It's a extremely complex task to change the HTC Mic and it can damage your HTC if performed by a non technical and untrained personal.

To ensure your full satisfaction, we repair your favorite HTC within our service center, making use of  latest professional tools and equipment. We use the best quality of spare parts to assure you quality repairs.

HTC Mic Replacement in Mumbai

We provide HTC Mic replacement services in Mumbai. We have service centers all across Mumbai to help you repair your HTC Mic related issues. We use 100% genuine quality parts repairs to ensure quality repairs.

What is the Cost of HTC Mic Replacement?

The cost of HTC Mic replacement is very less compared to the cost of the new HTC. So replacing your faulty HTC Mic from FixMyGiz will always be ecomomical than replacing your HTC with new.

How to Replace your HTC Mic?

Now anytime if your HTC is having Mic related issues and needs replacement, please call us on our helpline number : 022 43453333. We have complete stock of all HTC spares required to fix any HTC model Mic att our repair center. You can avail HTC repair service in any of 3 convenient ways :

  1. Free Pickup Drop Service
  2. Onsite Repair Service
  3. Walkin repair service

Change your HTC Mic in case:

  • Opposite person on phone cannot listen to you properlyl.
  • The voice is cracking and distorted during the call.
  • Your voice is quite for opposite person.


**There exists a minor possibility that your the signs of what appears to be a Mic issue could possibly be a problem with the HTC motherboard. Don't get worried, we are able to resolve that as well! After having a proper diagnosis, we shall notify you in the event the issue is Mic or perhaps the motherboard. We shall definetely inform you regarding any extra charges and get your authorization well before we carry on with your HTC repair.

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